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These are some of the basic qualities of the Filipino worker, which make him/her very competitive:

    *   Highly educated and literate workforce with a good command of the English language. This facilitates open communication between the employers, the applicants, their co-workers and the business clientele paving the way for smooth working and business relationships.
    *   Filipinos have a proven track record of dedication to their profession and exhibit strong moral and ethical values.
    *   Filipinos are ethnically of Malay stock, which has been enriched through the centuries by Chinese, Muslim/Arab, Spanish and American bloods. Their character is thus a unique blend of said cultures and traits put together, therefore his/her adaptability to foreign cultures is greatly increased.

    *   Filipinos are responsible, dependable and hardworking due to the culturally-rooted trait of filial obligation (taking care of the sick family members, sending money to help pay for education of family members and miscellaneous family needs).

    *   Due to difficult working conditions in the Philippines, Filipinos always demonstrate a high tolerance for pressure situations and are used to giving their best while working various shifts in remote locations under high-stress situations.