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Foreign employers still prefer OFWs mainly because of their positive attributes such as their facility with the English language, their industry, flexibility, ability to learn easily, and their happy disposition. However, there are skills and jobs matching system that are hard to fill due to lack of qualified applicants.

In this line, we decided to embark on the Student Internship Abroad Program to help the country meet the expected skills requirements of foreign capital and address the ongoing problem of jobs and skills mismatch which underscores the unemployment and underemployment of many Filipinos particularly among the youth sector.

We are taking student interns enrolled in BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS in Tourism, Engineering, Information and Technology, Agriculture and Business Administration from schools that we believe has an academic curriculum which carefully prepared their students for this challenge and opportunity.

AQUAVIR International, Inc. is currently accredited with two (2) Foreign Training Partners in Singapore - ExecuResource Consultancy (Mountbatten Road) and Dimensions International Search (Orchard Road).

To date, we have maintained our good standing relative to CHED Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP).
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