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What is Aquavir?

Thank you for this oppurtunity to introduce you to our company - AQUAVIR International Inc. which offers you a partnership for you manpower needs.

Our company is holding a full license to engage in the recruitment and placement of workers for a fee under the regulating agency of the Philippine government, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.) with POEA License 004-LB-011516-R.

Our company services include locating your needs for potential candidates, conduct screen interviews and arrange documentation requirements in the Philippine side for your business search for professionals, managers and executives, and other skilled and semi-skilled workers.

We shall undertake in your behalf all the pertinent activities for the speedy dispatch of the selected candidates, including the coordination with the Department of Migration Workers (DMW), the governing body tasked to regulate overseas recruitment agencies as well as the overseas contract workers.

We offer our services in the selection and hiring of highly qualified and skilled Filipino workers in various industry sectors: information and communications technology; hospitality and entertainment; retail, trade and merchandising; engineering and construction; and medical and allied health sector.

Our business has grown mostly by word of mouth from our returning clients and workers. With excellent client references and worker referrals we are solely sold by our customer service and drive to get the job done.


Strive to be a model agency making a difference among our peers and in global employment market

We envision that the Filipino will seek better employment opportunities to provide for their families and in the future seek further towards the avenue of entrepreneurship;

We will strive to be a profitable, progressive, and dynamic overseas employment and recruitment agency in the Philippines


We will build a well-trained, competent, efficient and service oriented professional overseas workforce

We will train our Filipino overseas contract workers to posses the aptitude and attitude of committed service and financial responsibility


We believe that the overseas Filipino workers deployed today are strong potential business partners and entrepreneurs tomorrow

The success of our mission depends on the philosophies we inculcate in the mind of our professional overseas contract workers, our partners in the industry, our office staff and management.

We believe that the quality of the overseas professionals we deploy is more important than the quantity we can negotiate. Quality of our professional deployment is the key to quantity.

Showcase Career Opportunities

Special Recruitment Activities and Jobs Fair

On top of social media posting on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, we utilize both Special Recruitment Activities and Jobs Fairs to effectively recruit and engage top talent. Special Recruitment Activities, in coordination with Local Government Units, enable targeted outreach to specific demographics or skill sets. At the same time, Jobs Fairs provide a broad platform for showcasing our career opportunities in different areas in the Philippines. These initiatives underscore our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, ensuring a dynamic and skilled workforce.

Expanding Our Global Reach

International Labor Marketing Mission

AQUAVIR actively participates in International Labor Marketing Missions to explore new labor markets, forge connections with potential clients, and engage in courtesy visits with various Philippine embassy posts. These missions serve as strategic platforms for expanding our global reach and gaining insights into emerging talent pools. Additionally, we conduct courtesy visits to Philippine embassy posts to contribute to building strong diplomatic ties and facilitating seamless international recruitment processes.

Team Building

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At AQUAVIR, we value work-life balance. We organize annual team-building events to strengthen bonds among our team members, enhance communication, and promote a positive workplace culture. This dedicated time allows our employees to engage in interactive and enjoyable activities, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Excitingly, we are set to embark on a new initiativeā€”corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Recognizing our responsibility to give back to the community, these activities will involve our team in meaningful projects. This not only aligns with our values but also provides an avenue for our team to make a positive impact beyond the workplace.

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