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Our company services include locating your needs for potential candidates, conduct screen interviews and arrange documentation requirements in the Philippine side for your business search for skilled and semi-skilled Filipino workers.

We shall undertake in your behalf all the pertinent activities for the speedy dispatch of the selected candidates, including the coordination with the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), the governing body tasked to regulate overseas recruitment agencies as well as the overseas contract workers.

We will liaise with the DMW for the following:


Accrediting the client as a bonafide employer


Seeking approval for the client’s job orders

Exit clearance

Securing Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC)


All around the world

Foreign Clients


An employer must submit the following recruitment documents to the nearest Migrant Workers Office (MWO) at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate for verification. This process ascertains the a) existence of the company or project; and b) the need for Filipino manpower.

1/ Power of Attorney

This document empowers our company to do and perform certain acts on your behalf

2/ Master Employment Contract

Master employment contract which incorporates, among others the minimum provision of employment contracts of land based workers, as follows

3/ Manpower Request

Indicating the position and salary of the workers to be hired

4/ Documents

Valid business license, registration certificate, or equivalent documents

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